HellVetica Camp at Burning Man 2023

We are no longer taking applications for 2023. Visit us at 3:45/E or hit us up in March 2024!

Are you an engineering aficionado looking for a memorable and community-driven experience at Burning Man? Join Camp HellVetica, a dynamic and innovative camp of 20-30 like-minded individuals passionate about contributing to this temporary city in the desert.

Camp HellVetica features a flame effect as its central interactivity, providing a visually striking and exciting element to the camp. Citizens of HellVetica enjoy shade, meals, water, drinks, and some treats (aka snacks) from the Quartermaster.

HellVetica is a rigorous, well-organised undertaking operating out of two shipping containers that are transported to and from Playa. Citizens are expected to participate in build and strike and attend camp events (3 hours into the sunset on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, as the flame effect runs) and contribute to the costs of the operation via camp fee (the 2022 fee was USD 600).

Do you follow the ten principles and want to enjoy this unforgettable week as part of a small circle of enthusiastic Burners? Check back in March 2024 to apply for the next edition.

Timeline 2023

Date Event
Wed Mar 15 - Wed May 24BMOrg ticket aid program opens. Check if you qualify (tickets.burningman.org).
Sun Mar 19 12pm PDT / 20:00 CET Introductory call.
Mon Mar 20 - fullHellVetica Applications open. Apply here!
RollingCamp leads reach out to applicants regarding participation.
Wed April 5Main sale registration opens. Make sure you are registered! (tickets.burningman.org)
Wed April 12 noon PDT Main sale opens. Mission: Grab as many tickets as you can! Everyone must be ready to participate! (tickets.burningman.org)
May Burner Express tickets sale.
Fri Jun 2 - Sun Jun 11Build week in Reno
Fri Jul 21 - Sun Jul 30Build week in Reno
Wed Jul 26 - Fri Jul 28OMG Sale registration. (tickets.burningman.org)
Wed Aug 2OMG Sale. Mission: another change to get tickets for camp. Everyone must be ready to participate! (tickets.burningman.org)
Fri Aug 4Camp fees due. Pay here!
Sat Aug 12Street Parade in Zurich for our Burners based in Switzerland
Thu Aug 24Shopping & ingress of pioneers
Fri Aug 25Build day one
Sat Aug 26Build day two
Sun Aug 27Build day three
Mon Aug 28 17:30Flame Effect & Bar
Mon Aug 28 20:00Welcome dinner
Wed Aug 30 17:30Flame Effect & Bar
Wed Aug 30 20:00Optional dinner
Fri Sep 1 17:30Flame Effect & Bar
Fri Sep 1 20:00Optional dinner
Sat Sep 2 06:00Strike
Sun Sep 3 08:00Everything cleaned up, ready to roll.